Fire Bricks

We are now pleased to offer you fire bricks and vermiculite board in our store. 


We offer fire bricks in multiple quantities sized 4.5" x 9" inches for Villager wood burning stoves.


Alternatively we can offer vermiculite board that comes in size 500 x 625 x 25 and can be cut down to the size you require using a saw or a sharp knife to score and break the board.  


Both products are available in the fire bricks and board section of our store click here to find out more. 

Written by Matthew Pyatt — February 20, 2014

Stove glass cut to size

We can now offer you stove glass cut to size with our size calculator here


If you are unsure about your brand of stove simply enter the size of stove glass that you require into the calculator and it will work out a price on the piece. If you have a shaped piece of glass we can cut that to size without trouble, send a template taken on a piece of newspaper along with your name, address and a contact number to our address:


SGR Ltd 

Garden Street 


ST5 1BW 

Written by Matthew Pyatt — February 20, 2014

Ecofan 812

The Ecofan will get you the most out of your stove and will ensure that hot air is circulated throughout your home quickly and efficiently. The fan also costs nothing to operate as it is powered by the heat from your stove! 


Ecofans are designed to reduce the amount of fuel you're using and circulate air from your stove around the room. This leads to fuel savings of 18% and the Ecofan will circulate 175 cubic feet of air per minute. Thats an Olympic Swimming Pools worth of air in 8 hours! 



Less fuel means fewer trips to stock up! Less time waiting for the heat from your stove to permeate around the room! And all in all a better experience all round from your wood burning stove!


Grab yours today from our store click here!



Written by Matthew Pyatt — February 19, 2014

Why we set up the blog

We understand that your stove was a big investment and when you work on it, you want to do it right. Our aim is to give you straight forward advice how to maintain your stove.  


From fitting glass, seals and fire bricks to painting your stove and everything in between, we aim to give you the best. 


Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see posted in this section, we would also love to hear your top tips when it comes to stove care!

Written by Matthew Pyatt — August 07, 2013

A new store, a new look, a brighter future for your stove!

Welcome to stove glass replacements, we are pleased to welcome you to our new store. 

We aim to provide you with the best service possible and by that we mean to give you:


-A fast turnaround: replacement stove glass orders dispatched same day. So if the fire's out in your house, you won't be waiting long to get it going again. 


-Hand cut glass - our glass is tailor cut to your needs. Our in house team of cutters work tirelessly to give you the best fit glass for your stove. No machinery, no computers, just the best British workmanship on offer. 


-All the accessories you need - from Ecofans to increase your stoves efficiency and save you money, to rope and seals to ensure that your glass gets the best fit. 


We understand the frustration of having a stove that can't be used because the glass is out and the switch back to a reliance on the overpriced alternatives, hence why we aim to dispatch your glass on time and for it to arrive in tact and ready to go.