How To Measure Your Stove Glass

When replacing stove glass it is essential to measure it correctly. This includes both of the shelf stove glass and made to measure glass. When ordering off the shelf glass it may seem as simple as ordering glass for your make and model of stove. However, it's always best to measure the glass to ensure that you're ordering the right piece. There are multiple versions of some stoves which means that the glass sizing will vary.

Tools Required

  • Tape measure - one that displays centimeters and millimeters. Please use a retractable metal tape measure. Avoid using a flexible tape measure used for sewing as these are innacurate.
  • A pen and paper to note sizes.

How To Measure Your Stove Glass

    Step 1: Make sure the stove is completely cool before starting. If possible, remove the existing glass. You need to remove the old one carefully. Removing the bolts or screws and clips holding the glass in place and gently remove it from the stove. If the glass is still being used, you can measure it while it's still in the stove. It may just be a bit more fiddly.

    Step 2: Measure the width of the glass at its widest point first. This is typically from the edge to the opposite edge of the glass. Use a tape measure and record the measurement in millimeters. We recommend deducting at least one millimeter from this measurement if possible, ideally 2 or 3mm's. The glass expands during heating and may be slightly large than it was at the point of fitting.

    Step 3: Measure the height of the glass from the top to the bottom. This is typically from the top of the glass to the bottom edge. Use a tape measure and record the measurement in millimeters. Again, deduct 1-3mm from this measurement.

    Step 4 (optional): Measure the thickness of the glass using a tape measure or a caliper and record the measurement in millimeters. This is optional as the majority of glass is 4mm's thick. 3mm and 5mm thick glass are also available.

    Step 5 (Only required if your glass is not square or rectangular): Some stove glass may have an arched top, cut corners or a sloping top to it.

    If your glass has an arched top or rounding to the corners, you will need to take a cardboard or newspaper template of the outline of the glass. This can then be posted to us and would be cut and returned to you within 2 working days of receipt. Please email us at or call 01782 614 693 if you require the address to send the template to.

    If your stove glass has cut corners, you will need to measure the height running up the side of the glass to the start of the cut off and the width across the top of the glass between the cut off(s). You could then call us on 01782 614 693 or send a rough sketch to for a price.

    Step 6: Order the replacement glass here.


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