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Choose a brand that lasts when replacing your Efel Harmony 13 (MF/O/G) stove glass. Our Schott Robax glass is designed specifically for stoves. With correct installation and operation, your new glass will give you many years of use.

Market Leading Glass

We tested a number of the other brands available before choosing Robax due to its longevity, clarity and heat resistance.

The comparative clarity of Robax glass gives you an unbeatable view of your fire. Its heat resistance gives you added peace of mind, protecting you from any flying sparks or flames.

Thermal expansion is one of the top causes of breakage in stove glass. The glass expands as it heats and contracts as it cools. This leads to the glass weakening over time (at fixing points or any location that it may be in contact with metalwork), eventually leading to breakage. Robax has been designed to have minimal thermal expansion as it heats and cools, reducing the risk of breakage and extending its lifespan.

Secure Packaging

Your glass will come well packaged to ensure safe delivery. In the unlikely event that your glass is damaged in transit, we’ll send out a replacement at no extra charge.

Easy Installation

Our simple fitting instructions take the stress out of the installation process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our knowledgeable team for expert advice.

Before ordering, please make sure to check that the measurements shown on the listing match your existing stove glass panel.

Limited Offer

Don’t get left in the cold again. Order a spare panel today and get 10% off.


1 - 267 x 248 (arched top) 4mm stove door glass panel (suitable for temperatures up to 760*c) 

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Bunnell
Good Product and Brilliant Service

I found the website was very clear and the order process simple. Delivery was excellent. I had assumed it would take 5-7 days but was delivery in about 3 days. Brilliant, cannot ask for more.
My one (minor) issue concerns model and glass size. I have a Harmony Efel 5 stove which is 20+ years old. The measurements for this SKU as shown on the website are a couple of mm too big and will not fit my stove. (I found this out the hard way through ordering that size from elsewhere). However, the measurements for the model Harmony 13 are the correct size, and so I ordered this and am happy. The moral of the story is to make sure (to the nearest mm) you know the size of glass you need for your own stove, especially if it is shaped. A rigid piece of glass and equally rigid cast-iron door frame will not shrink or stretch by even a mm.

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