Stanley Oisin 8kW Stove Glass - 255mm x 200mm

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Schott Robax stove glass gives you the best view of your fire while keeping you safe from direct flames and sparks. It's made to the highest quality standards in Germany and is the world's most popular choice. Over 100 million panels have been sold over the last 40 years.

The Highest Quality Stove Glass

Our glass is made specifically for use in multi fuel and wood burning stoves by the world's leading supplier. Schott Robax stove glass is manufactured to the highest quality standards in Germany and has been for over 40 years. It’s designed to give you the clearest view of your fire while protecting you from direct exposure to the heat and sparks.  

Some of our competitors source their glass from China. We've had a number of customers who've purchased Chinese made glass and have reported that it broke soon after installation. It's always worth checking which glass is being supplied before you make a purchase. 


    1 - 255 x 200 x 4mm stove door glass panel (suitable for temperatures up to 760*c) 

    Free UK delivery  

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    arrived sin good condition thank you.

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