Buying individual stove bricks for your stove can be a difficult job, as it can be hard to source the specific size bricks your stove requires. 

We stock bricks for all stoves and also vermiculite board that can be cut down to the sizes you require here:

These boards are ideal for cutting bricks to size for pizza ovens, wood burning stoves and boilers. 

We can also supply any sized bricks cut to size, just give us a call on 01782 614 693 or email with the sizes you require. 

If you wish to cut a board down to the sizes you require, you will need:

  1. Straight edge - a piece of wood or a metal rule will suffice
  2. Suitable cutting tool - a knife or saw will suffice 
  3. Tape measure 
  4. Vermiculite board

How to cut down vermiculite board into bricks:

  1. Lay out the vermiculite board on a flat surface 
  2. Measure out the length you need to cut and place the straight edge at this point. 
  3. If using a saw, mark along this point with a pen, remove the straight edge and cut along the marked line with a saw.
  4. If using a knife, score the vermiculite using the straight edge to guide the knife at the point you wish to make the incision. Do this 3 or 4 times to ensure that a score line of 2-3mm or more deep is made into the board. Either place a piece of wood under the length of the cut or place the board onto a table so that the length of the cut is running parallel with the edge. Push down either side of the cut and apply pressure until the board breaks along the score line.