No matter how hard we try sometimes it seems impossible to keep our stove glass clean, clear and free of soot. We got in touch with the people at Yeoman and got some top tips. 

  • Burn seasoned wood - properly seasoned wood will have been kept for a minimum of a year but it is best to be kept for two years before burning. 
  • Ensure the stove isn't burning at too low a temperature - a good working temperature is from 120-250°C. A stove pipe thermometer will help to identify if this is your problem. If your stove has an airwash system, burn the stove with the airwash control fully open for around 20 minutes - this should solve the problem. 
  • Problems with your flue - if the flue is not doing its job effectively and there is insufficient airpull, blackening of the glass can occur. This can be caused by the flue being too short, having a downdraft, needing to be lined or having too many bends.