There's nothing worse than fitting your new stove glass, lighting the fire and *pop* it cracks. It can be an all too easy mistake to make, so we've put together a few simple top tips for you to give your stove glass the best start in life. 

Our top tips

  • Allow the glass at least 2mm room for expansion when you take measurements. If the glass fits tight when fitted into the opening, there's a very high chance that as the glass is heated and expands it will press against metalwork and crack. 


  • Replace any seals or rope when changing the glass, the seals should be soft and squishy. They're in place to give the glass some cushioning so that it doesn't press against any hard fixtures or fittings. 
  • Only tighten any fittings or clips finger tight. The glass can be held too tight and it won't allow for expansion, leading to cracking. 




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