With the cold snap incoming we had a look into some novel solutions for log storage for your stove. 

The most effective and simple solution we found was from  reddit user Switchmisty9 who had utilised some old pallets so that he could move his logs from pile to stove with ease. 

wood burning stove

All it took was an old pallet he had knocking round with some wheels drilled into the bottom and he had himself his very own portable wood storage plinth. 

Once it's setup you simply push it over to your log pile, rack on a mountain of wood and then trundle it back over to your stove where it can sit ready and waiting to fuel your fire. 

stove log storage


We also love the idea of making your logs a feature of your room, rather than keeping them out of site they can add to the homely and rustic feel that your stove creates.  


Whether it's utilising existing shelving to store the wood for your stove:

stove wood shelf storage

Or displaying them on the wall in this circular storage rack:


There's certainly more than one way that you can spruce up your stove fuel storage!


If you decide to have a crack at making your own portable log plinth or have found your own way of making your stove and it's fuel a feature, leave us a comment below!